Arduino is a fantastic hardware and software platform centered around Atmel's AVR series of microcontrollers. They're small, pretty quick, and it's pretty easy to get projects up and running. This is my personal repository, where I have code I've written, tutorials, and other things to help as they learn how to use this platform


One of my goals in using the Arduino is to create a decent system for home automation. One of the steps needed in order to do this is to have an easy way of monitoring, and controlling the temperature using inexpensive, off the shelf, sensor modules. The LM335 is excellent for this task, as it has a minimum number of required components, and is fairly simple to get working. However, due to its nature, getting it to interface with the Microcontroller can be tricky for novices. Thus, I've written a library that lets you get started with a minimum of effort. This project is available under the BSD license at Google Code.

Code Snippets

These are bits of code I've created that you may find useful for your projects. These are all in the public domain

    • Breathe. This code will create an attractive breathing glow pattern for an LED.

    • for (int n=2; n < 199; n++) {

    • int brightness = (n<100)?n:200-n;

    • brightness = sin(PI/brightness) * 255;

    • analogWrite(PWMPin, brightness);

    • // There are relatively few bright numbers compared to dim

    • // numbers. This makes the breathing effect much nicer by

    • // giving a bias to the higher numbers

    • delay(brightness*2);

    • }